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Every man needs three things for a successful life. In his mind, he needs to know his true identity. In his heart, he needs to possess integrity. And in his body, he needs to give intensity to a cause greater than himself.

We seek to equip men to be Christ-centered, Spirit-filled leaders who put God first in everything that they do. Men’s Ministry provides a place for building community and strong relationships where men will develop a sense of purpose and a solid identity based on who God says they are.

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Tuesdays, September 15–December 8

Abundant Life Campus Core Auditorium
6:30–8:00 pm

Courses Being Offered:

Are You Ready? Study on the Rapture – Led by Mark McGaughey
Entrapment - A Study of Samson – Led by Rod Handley
Principles and Process of Counseling – Led by Jon Thompson
How to Study the Bible – Led by Ryan McGaughey