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Global Outreach

The mission of God is massive, but it is achievable. At Abundant Life, we are determined to do our part to reach the nations.

Reaching the World One Life at a Time.

We are determined to do our part to reach the nations. Through strategic partnerships and specific strategies to unleash our church to the regions beyond, we expect lives to be changed by Jesus.

Local Serve Teams

We're reaching the nations in our neighborhoods!

Local Serve Teams are strategically focused on working with local cross cultural partners within specific ethnic communities.

Each of our Local Serve Teams are committed to a specific people group in our city and are developed for the purpose of making Global Disciples, so that we may see lives changed by Jesus.

Friday, July 9 through Sunday, July 11 these teams will be going out into our city to do just that. Learn about and sign up for one of these serve teams below!


Muslim Media

Learn some of the middle eastern culture here in KC, experience both food and custom while aiding local believers in sharing their faith. Learn the world view of someone raised in the Muslim faith and help them record their story for others like them.

Syrian Serve Team


Did you know that the Somali language is the 3rd most spoken language in the average KC home? There are 7250 Somali refugees in the KC area. This people group in their home country has little to no chance of ever hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Work with local mission teams to push back the darkness among Somali people right here in our backyard! Be the reason they have a chance to hear the Gospel.

Somali Serve Team


Faith, Family, Honor

These are the core values of the Hispanic culture, but you don’t have to travel to Latin America to experience them. There are over 80,000 Hispanics in the Kansas City metro area and most of them have a basic understanding of the Gospel but many have not experienced the true freedom and grace that comes with having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Immerse yourself in Hispanic culture, from food to fun. Help build relationships with the youth through the avenue of inner-city soccer and community gatherings.

Hispanic Local Serve Team


Will you be their neighbor?

Did you know Hindu mythology acknowledges some 330 million gods? In India there is not a strong Christian presence. However, there is a large population of Indians here in our city! In fact, every Friday night a group of them meet for fellowship, food, and fun right down the street from our church though most of them do not know the truth of Jesus Christ. Be the friend that introduces them to Jesus, why else would God have them come to our city? Build relationships with Indian families over dinner, learn about culture with a cricket tournament, while sampling traditional food. Experience Christian worship in the Indian culture.

India Local Serve Team

How will you join us in bringing fame to the name of God?

Global Serve Teams

Through our Global Serve Teams, we are able to execute strategies that actively engage our Abundant Life family in reaching the nations. Each year we see hundreds of lives changed by Jesus as we cross cultural boundaries to share Christ with those far from Him.

Our Vision
To see God change lives by serving with our partners all throughout the world.

2021 Global Serve Teams


June 20-27, 2021

Join Fusion Student Ministry on a week-long serve team that will include hard work, eye-opening experiences, compassion, team building, and individual spiritual growth.


June 28-July 12, 2021

Partner with Phil and Vala Long to further establish a new church plant in this island nation's capital of Antananarivo.

Peru–Compassion International

Late Fall or TBD

Abundant Life sponsors nearly 1,000 children in the San Martin district in Peru. In 2019, we helped build a church and child development center in Shapaja. This will be a tremendous opportunity to visit this project and spend time with your sponsored child.

Juarez, Mexico

July 2021

The team will minister at orphanages with Iglesia Baptiste Del Valle members, and help with their Vacation Bible School.


Team One: July 2021
Team Two: August 2021

Team One will partner with Mickey and Trina Cofer in conducting youth camp for 200 Mongolian youth. Team Two will consist of a construction team focused on numerous projects working toward the completion of a new ministry complex.


October 2021

Partner with Hrv and Petra Malovic to help in the launch of a new church plant in the capital city of Zagreb, Croatia.


Dates: TBD

Come with us, see a foreign country and teach English as a second language. Each year we partner with "Bridging the World" to conduct summer camps that will allow you to experience the culture of a foreign country while teaching students their conversational English as a second language. The trip will open your eyes to the way life is in another culture and give you the opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s future.

Camp Locations

  • Datong, China
  • Qiqihar, China
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia