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Family Ministry

At Abundant Life, families are very important to us. Equipping families to be spiritual leaders is even more important to us. Parents are called to lead their children spiritually.

Sometimes it’s hard.

Sometimes you don’t know where to start.

Sometimes you just need to pick up right where you left off. Remember, we are in this together!

Journey Today Show Logo

The Journey Today Show provides kids and their parents with a weekly fun TV show that is Christ-centered.

We hope you have meaningful conversations as a family and come up with your own questions and answers on hard to understand topics.

In this episode, Jennifer hides a gift from Jeremy. Can Jeremy find it?


Key Bible Verse:

Matthew 6:1-4


Questions for you to discuss as a family:

When is the last time you've done something secretly nice for someone?


What is something you can secretly do that is nice for someone else?

In this episode, Jeremy and Jennifer spin the wheel of misfortune. The loser gets to drink the death cup.


Key Bible Verse:

Matthew 5:38-48


Questions for you to discuss as a family:

Why do we struggle to love our enemies?


What is one thing nice you can do for someone who is mean to you this week? Will you do it?

In this episode, Jeremy and Jennifer compete in a listening challenge.


Key Bible Verse:
Matthew 7:1


Questions for you to discuss as a family:

Have you ever felt better than someone else because of the sins they have committed? Why?


Is there anyone you think you need to apologize to for something you meant to or didn't mean to do?

Atlanta Dream Center

We believe in reaching the world, one life at a time. Even though we’re based in Lee’s Summit, we have the opportunity to serve those around the globe and see lives changed by Jesus. Will you join us? The Family Ministry has a great opportunity coming up March 2020 for our students and families to serve those in Atlanta, GA.


Students in 6th-8th grade along with one parent is invited to serve with the Atlanta Dream Center. We will be serving those suffering from homelessness, at-risk youth, and human trafficking.

Registration is full.