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LEAD Frequently Asked Quetions


How do I sign up for LEAD?
To sign up for LEAD Gathering Click Here if you are currently serving. If you are not currently serving we will ask you to text to serve in the area God is calling you.

Do I have to be currently serving to come to a LEAD Gathering?
Yes, you need to be serving, and you are required to attend LEAD Gathering if you serve.

How many LEAD Gatherings are there?
8 per school year

How many LEAD Gatherings can I miss?
You cannot miss more than 1

What if I miss more than 1?
If you miss more than 1 you will be contacted, and depending on the reasoning you could be asked to step down from serving.

Will there always be food?
In order to provide a fun and relaxing environment food will be provided at LEAD Gatherings.

Can I bring a friend?
No, the only students that are allowed to attend lead night are those students who are serving

Will I have to attend a LEAD Gathering every year?
Yes, each year we will expand on topics that will help each student grow as leaders within the ministries he or she is serving in. The reason why this is going to be yearly is that we believe that leaders should never stop growing, and as long as you’re in leadership you should be getting poured into.

What are the requirements for serving?
See requirement list in LEAD Packet.