Kindergarten & Pre-K, September 19: Rahab and the Spies

What does it take to be courageous? Some believe that those who are courageous have somehow learned to conquer their fears. The truth is, they have not conquered them but have made the choice to move forward despite their fears. Sure, that sounds nice: let’s all make a choice to ignore our fears. The problem is that it often feels a lot more complicated than that simple statement allows.

So, what can help us make the choice to choose courage over fear? Well, have you ever noticed that you are more courageous when your friends or family are by your side? Courage comes a lot more easily when you know someone has got your back; that someone will hold your hand through it no matter what the outcome.

And that, my friends, is the point. We are not on our own through any of it. We have a friend in Jesus who will never leave us nor forsake us. God is always by our side. Just like He was with so many others, God shows us in so many stories and in so many ways that He is walking through every fearful moment with us. Rahab trusted in God and stepped out in faith. We want our kids to be able to do the same thing. To know that God is with them, they can trust Him, and He can give them the courage they need in every situation.

Here is a snapshot of what we will show the kids this week:
Bible Story Focus: God is with me so I can be courageous. (Rahab and the Spies • Joshua 2:1-22; 6:22-25)
Memory Verse: “We have the Lord our God to help us.” 2 Chronicles 32:8, NLT
Key Question: Who is always with you?
Bottom Line: God is always with me.

Bible Story & Worship
Watch the Bible Story Video with your kids so you can recap and discuss it with them in the “Bring Jesus To Their Level” section. Then join your kids in worship as we sing and dance for God.

Bible Story Video – Rahab and the Spies
Worship – Very Big Things
Worship – God Is With Me

Next, use the Memory Verse video to practice our monthly verse. This is our last week to practice the memory verse. Be sure to think of a fun reward you can give them next week when they are able to say it all by themselves. The activity sheet and coloring page are fun resources to help reinforce story and/or big idea.

Memory Verse with Hand Motions
Bible Story Activity
Coloring Page

Bring Jesus To Their Level
Finish up your church at home by recapping the story and practicing the memory again. Then say: “Our Bible story, today, was about how Rahab had courage because she had heard of the amazing things God had done. She had the courage to do the right thing and hide the spies. When God is with us, we can have the courage to do the right thing, too. And guess what! God is always with us! Who is always with you? (Together.) [Bottom Line] God is always with me.

“Whisper it like a sneaky spy. Who is always with you? (Whisper together.) [Bottom Line] God is always with me.

“He sure is! And the Bible verse we’re learning will help us remember that God is with us and wants to help us. It says . . . ‘We have the Lord our God to help us.’ 2 Chronicles 32:8. (Practice this verse several times with your kids.)

“Knowing about the amazing things God has done gave Rahab the courage to do the right thing and help the spies. Today, we’ll make a list of ways we can have courage and help others, too. So when I say your name, tell me one way you can have courage and help someone. (Have each family member list something.)

“This is an awesome list! We can use it when we pray. Would anyone like to pray before I pray?” (Give your kid(s) an opportunity to pray if they want to.)

PRAYER: “Dear God, You are SO amazing! Only You have the power to always be with us. Knowing that You are always with us gives us the courage to help others and do things like (read the list your family made). We want everyone to know how much You love them. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

As we wrap up, I would like to leave you with one of the kids’ favorite ‘good-bye’ songs:
Let Me See Your Alligator

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in the discipleship of your kid(s). My prayers are with you.

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Philippians 1:6