Kindergarten & Pre-K, June 20: Gideon

God can use the most unlikely of people to do the most amazing things. God can use you to do things you never thought possible and will most likely do so in ways you could never imagine. It can be a scary thing to pray for God to use us. What if He makes us go somewhere awful or, really, just takes us out of our comfort zone?

But if God is in it and we allow Him to have control, it will not be awful, it will be miraculous. God used Gideon to do something only God could do. The point it was not about Gideon but about God. So how can we let go, without fear, and trust God? First, let us pray that God will make each of us usable. Next, let us stop thinking about how God can use us and just allow Him to have His way with us. To move us in ways that are beyond our understanding all for His glory alone.

Here is a snapshot of what we will show the kids this week:
Bible Story Focus: God can use you, no matter what. (Gideon • Judges 6–8)
Memory Verse: “I trust in God. I am not afraid.” Psalm 56:11, NIrV
Key Question: Who can trust God?
Bottom Line: I can trust God.

Bible Story & Worship
Watch the Bible Story Video with your kids so you can recap and discuss it with them in the “Bring Jesus To Their Level” section. Then join your kids in worship as we sing and dance for God.

Bible Story Video – Gideon
Worship – Jesus No Matter What
Worship – Bye Bye Bye

Next, use the Memory Verse video to practice our monthly verse. We are practicing this verse all month long. Be thinking of a fun reward you can give them next week when they are able to say it all by themselves. The activity sheet and coloring page are fun resources to help reinforce story and/or big idea.

Memory Verse with Hand Motions
Bible Story Activity
Coloring Page

Bring Jesus To Their Level
Finish up your church at home by recapping the story and practicing the memory again. Then say: “Our Bible story was about how God used Gideon to do a really big thing, even though Gideon and his army were small. Gideon trusted that God could use him, so he did everything God told him to do. Gideon and his army carried the torches, broke the jars, and played the horns. (Play your hand horn) And it worked! Gideon’s army won the battle!

God can use you and me, no matter what, too. We just have to trust God and not be afraid. That’s why we’re learning this verse. It says “I trust in God. I am not afraid,” Psalm 56:11.

“Today, we’ll make a list of things that sometimes make you afraid. We all feel afraid at times, even me. So, when I say your name, tell me one thing that sometimes makes you afraid. (Have each family member list something).

“Thank you for making this list with me. We can use it when we pray. Would anyone like to pray before I pray?” (Give each child who wants to pray the opportunity to do so)

PRAYER: “Dear God, we know we can trust You. But sometimes we forget and things like (read the list your family made) make us afraid. Please help us remember that we can always trust you and we don’t have to be afraid. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

As we wrap up, I would like to leave you with one of the kids’ favorite ‘good-bye’ songs:
Let Me See Your Alligator

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in the discipleship of your kid(s). My prayers are with you.

“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

Isaiah 54:13