Kindergarten & Pre-K, January 30: House on a Rock

I don’t know about you, but many times in life I wish God would give me a big flashing light telling me what to do. You know those moments. Should I move to this city? Should I take this job or that one? Or, should I allow my kids to read that book series? At first you think God doesn’t give any direction in making these decisions. But take a closer look and you will see that He does.

Jesus teaches us in Matthew 7 to build our house on the rock. In other words, put your faith and everything you do in Jesus. Do this, and when the storms of life come, you will remain standing on the rock while the sands get washes away.

Here is a snapshot of what we will show the kids this week:
Bible Story Focus: Jesus teaches us how to live. (House on a Rock • Matthew 7:24-27)
Memory Verse: The crowds were amazed at his teaching.” Matthew 7:28, NIV
Key Question: Who teaches you important things?
Bottom Line: Jesus teaches me important things.

Bible Story & Worship
Watch the Bible Story Video with your kids so you can recap and discuss it with them in the “Bring Jesus To Their Level” section. Then join your kids in worship as we sing and dance for God.

Bible Story Video – House on a Rock (link)
Worship – My Forever Friend (link)
Worship – There Are Promises (link)

Next, use the Memory Verse video to practice our monthly verse. We have practiced this verse all month long. If you can, have a fun reward you can give them when they are able to say it all by themselves during our “Bring Jesus To Their Level” section. The activity sheet and coloring page are fun resources to help reinforce story and/or big idea.

Memory Verse with Hand Motions (link)
Bible Story Activity (link)
Coloring Page (link)

Bring Jesus To Their Level
Finish up your church at home by recapping the story and practicing the memory again. Then say: “Our Bible story, today, was another story Jesus told. In this story, Jesus said a wise man builds his house on a rock, because rocks are strong. When it rains and storms, the house stands strong because it’s on a strong rock.

“Jesus told this story to teach us how to live. When we remember that God loves, us no matter what, that we’re important to God, and we choose to share our stuff and help everyone, it’s like building a house on a rock. When hard things happen, we can stand strong!

“Where can we read the stories that Jesus told? (Pause.) You got it! The Bible! (Hold up the Bible.) Jesus teaches us lots of important things in the Bible. Who teaches you important things? (Together.) [Bottom Line] Jesus teaches me important things.

“Jesus is the most amazing teacher ever, and the Bible verse we’ve learned will help us remember that. It says . . . ‘The crowds were amazed at his teaching,’ Matthew 7:28. (Practice the verse once and then allow each child to say it by themselves. Give a small reward for all their hard work.)

“Great job! (Give rewards) Today, we’ll make a list of some of the important things Jesus teaches us, like sharing, helping, that God loves us, and that we are important to God. Then, when we pray, we can use our list to thank Jesus for teaching us important things!  (Have each family member list something.) Wow! Jesus teaches us a lot of important things! Let’s use this list when we pray. Would anyone like to pray before I pray?” (Give each family member who wants to pray the opportunity to do so.)

Prayer: “Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to be our friend forever and teach us important things like (read the list your family made). Help us remember the things Jesus teaches us and do what He says. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

As we wrap up, I would like to leave you with one of the kids’ favorite ‘good-bye’ songs:
Let Me See Your Alligator

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in the discipleship of your kid(s). My prayers are with you.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6