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Homeschool Center Enrichment Clubs

The Abundant Life Homeschool Center offers a variety of enrichment clubs for all ages and interests to help your children connect, learn, and grow. 

God has assembled an incredible group of teachers and staff who love Jesus and who are committed to creating an environment of fun, safe, in-person learning for your students. Each teacher has a passion for the topic of their chosen club! These clubs are not meant to replace your at-home curriculum, but to enrich your student’s learning. 


The Homeschool Center Clubs are enrichment clubs for your homeschool students in grades kindergarten–12. They are open to all homeschool students and you do not need to be an Abundant Life member to attend.


Homeschool Center Clubs meet on Thursdays from 1:00-2:30 pm at Abundant Life Lee’s Summit Campus, (304 SW Persels). You are free to drop off your child and leave or stay on campus and utilize the Mom’s Club, Parent Lounge, and the Bookshelf resources during Club hours (see For Parents Section for details).


Homeschool Center Clubs are offered twice a year in Fall and Spring. Each session lasts for 9 weeks. The Spring Session is February 8- April 4.

On the final week of the Clubs, we host a parent showcase during regular club hours where students show off what they have learned that session.

Registration for the 2024 Spring session opens Thursday, November 30 at noon.


$95 per club

(plus $3.90 service fee)

Abundant Life Homeschool Center

Homeschool Clubs Spring 2024
February 8 - April 4

Registration opens Thursday, November 30.

Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Adaptive Arts & Crafts

Teacher: Brittanie Smith

Adaptive Arts is geared towards kids with diagnosed disabilities. We will be doing hands on art projects and activities that incorporate fine motor skills and sensory activities.  


Teacher: Madi Baker

God created us to worship. What is it and how do we worship? This club will explore what God’s Word says about worship and how we can praise Him collectively and individually. We will learn how to worship with our voices and our lives. We will do lots of singing and praising each week, so bring a beautiful voice and an open heart.  

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Science Experiments

Teacher: Kerri Henderson 

A fun, hands-on way to encourage children to engage with the Bible and the good news of Jesus through weekly, lively science and technology activities. For each experiment there are clear explanations and take-home questions for further conversations. 

National Treasures 2

Teacher: Sharrena Um 

National Treasures 2 is back with all new content! Join us as we investigate other national parks, features, people, habitats, and the extraordinary treasures found within. We will be doing crafts, playing games, and reading stories about our beautiful USA treasures.

Story Explorers

Teacher: Kat DeWald 

Do your kids love to explore? Join Mrs. Kat for a big kid super fun story time! We will explore a variety of books and practice our reading skills. Each week we will jump into a new adventure with music, snacks, art, movement, acting and more all related to the theme of our big kid story! This club will have all new content this session. 


Teacher: Madeline Doerhoff

Come and join us for reading club! We will equip children with literacy skills for reading and comprehension. We will be working on reading skills such as identifying letters and sounds, blending, segmenting, vowel identification, word families, comprehending and fluency. We will read aloud and play games that will support and enhance the skills we work on.

Sign Language

Teacher: Jill Reichel

Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture: We will learn letters, numbers, words, phrases, and concepts, as well as how this beautiful language fits into its broad usage in the Deaf community.  


Teacher: Tara Frisch

Attention all little artists! Come and join us in art club! Experience all different types of art and enjoy making projects and trying new things. 

Adventure Club

Teacher: Megan Alberg

Come and join Mrs. Megan for all kinds of fun adventure through jungles, the Arctic, underwater, outer space, and more. We will play games, make crafts, and read stories as we visit these faraway places!  

4th - 6th Grade

Book Club

Teacher: Heather Smith

At Book Club, we will be exploring quality literature! Every week your child will have a few chapters assigned to them, with discussion questions that go with each chapter. We will then gather to discuss what we've read and complete a couple of projects.  


Teacher: Kelsey Hurley

Come join the fun as we explore science with some common kitchen staples. Get ready to extract DNA from a strawberry, make dry ice scream and more!  

Video Game

Teacher: Luke Bouldin

Come experience friendly competition and community during our video game club. We will learn about creative thinking, teamwork and more! 


Teacher: Emily Winders

God is the ultimate builder and gave us the gift of creativity! And Legos! Come make structures, build experiments, participate in team challenges, and much more with our favorite construction materials.  


Teacher: Janan Jones

Come learn some lost skills from generations past. We will have lots of fun with hands on learning, crafts, and making homemade items.


Teacher: Jennifer Meyer

Let's explore the world of percussion. Along our path of discovery, we may encounter hand drums, boomwhackers, buckets, body percussion, or more. Let's make a joyful noise together. 

7th - 12th Grade

Worship and Songwriting

Teacher: Michaelah Weaver

We were made to worship! Each week will be full of praise and worshiping with our voices. We will discover how to do this individually and together, both in music and with our lives. We will also cover the basics of songwriting and how to best communicate our words through song in lyrics, music, and melody. Bring a joyful noise, a song in your heart, and a willingness to grow in worship.


Teacher: Ed Croteau

Come to Apologetics Club to learn from the founder of Faith, Substance, and Evidence University Apologetics. This club will focus on equipping young people to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in post-Christian America.


Teacher: Sharon Jeffus

Students will learn how to create an article and write a short story for a publication. They will also learn about investigative journalism, research images, write an editorial, a feature story, and much more.


Teacher: Kristina Baitinger

Come and explore your creative side by learning some drawing techniques, color theory, watercolor painting, and printmaking.  


Teacher: Paula Shettleroe

Everyone has a story to tell! Bring photos that are important to you and we will make scrapbook layouts for them while discussing and using photo-preserving topics like selecting albums, paper, pens and journaling, cropping photos, cutting tools, and embellishments. Finish the class with several layouts made to fill an album!


Teacher: Timothy Bouldin

PE Club will offer diverse activities, skill development, fitness education, and social interaction in a fun and flexible environment. Join us to stay active, learn sportsmanship, and make friends!  

For Parents

Mom's Club

Homeschool Moms – we have a special club just for you! Mom’s Club meets four times a session during regular Clubs hours. Enrollment in Mom’s Club is $12. This session we will be focusing on community & friendships. We will meet Thursday, February 15, 29, March 14, and 28 for lots of mom time including our Galentine’s Day Party, Mama Game Cafe, and more! Mamas only. Nursing babies are welcome.

Parent Lounge

You have the option to wait on campus during club time. Room C111 in the Abundant Life Lee’s Summit Core Building (400 SW Persels), is open during regular Club hours for your convenience. Wifi is available.

The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf is a resource for Homeschool parents and will be open in the lobby of the Abundant Life Lee’s Summit Core Building (400 SW Persels) during regular Club hours. We have DIY equipment for you to use including coil binders, laminators, hole punches, long arm staplers, and more for free! We also have a collection of homeschooling resource books for you to check outYou do not need to have a student enrolled in Clubs to use the Bookshelf resources.