Showing People the Irresistible Love of Jesus…

God multiplies your heart’s desire to reach others to make the gospel irresistible!

Abundant Life

You’re Only One Person…

You may only be one person, but you have a sphere of influence that no one else has. Jesus said you are salt and light, and God wants to work through you to impact those around you—to be a light in the darkness where no one else can reach.

But You Are Part of a Community That Wants to Empower, Equip, and Encourage You Wherever God Has Placed You!

We believe the power of showing the irresistible love of Jesus is multiplied when we come together as the Body of Christ, working together to pray for, disciple, and support others.

Abundant Life

An Irresistible Movement

Leading people to know, follow, and love Jesus isn’t always easy. This is why we are beginning an Irresistible Movement, a 2-year initiative to pray for and share the irresistible love of Jesus with more people through campus expansion in the Kansas City metro area.

Reach More People

Not Ashamed

  • Finding your one to share the gospel with, lead to Christ, baptize, and disciple

Live Sent Ministry

  • City Teams: Seeking peace in our city as laid in in Jeremiah 29:7
  • Refugees: Partnering with, serving, and being a part of refugees' experiences and meeting basic needs
  • Prison: Serving, encouraging, and ministering to those in prison as we share the gospel and be living proof of God’s love

Campus Expansion

  • Finishing a counseling center at the Crossroads Campus and adding a kid's area
  • Opening another campus in Johnson County, Kansas

Equip Families Through Family Ministry

Family Ministry

  • Providing resources and tools to strengthen your family

Foster/Adopt Ministry

  • Supporting birth, adoptive, and foster families

Homeschool Ministry

  • Coming alongside parents and families to celebrate the child’s big milestones

Special Needs Ministry

  • Helping children and adults with special needs learn and grow in a setting conducive to their needs


  • Preparing couples for healthy marriages through pre-marital classes


  • Helping married couples reignite, resurrect, and reconnect in a safe place

Irresistible initiative

Get Involved

Cross cultural boundaries and share Christ with people across the world. Discover and execute strategies that reach the nations!


Ask God how He would like you to participate in the Irresistible Movement. There are various ways you can participate and share the irresistible love of Jesus.


Begin by giving or increasing your giving. Ministry and outreach never end at Abundant Life, and every dollar you give supports initiatives that help people know, follow, and love Jesus.


See lives changed by Jesus. The partnerships we develop allow you to participate in the multiplication of the gospel, leave legacies, and care for the lost and “least of these.”

Abundant Life

There is someone you know or someone God will bring to you, waiting to hear about the love of Jesus. God places you in the life of another for a reason.

Be equipped and help others be empowered to share the irresistible love of Jesus today.