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Before getting involved in a church, you want to know what they are about. Do you have questions about Abundant Life and want to know more about serving and connecting with others? First Step gives you that opportunity!

Abundant Life

First Step is an opportunity to…

Hear our story, ask questions, and get answers

Learn from Pastor Phil and Campus Pastors about the mission and vision of Abundant Life

Meet others who are on the same path as you

Learn how to move forward in your faith journey

Discover what the Next Steps Class is

What Is First Step?

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Connecting with and learning about a church can be a challenge. This is why we created First Step. We want to get to know you, answer your questions, and connect you with others. First Step is a one-time meeting to help you move forward in your faith journey with Abundant Life.

Abundant Life

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The Word tells us we are children of God, and though we may be in different locations and have different roles, we are all part of the family of God. We look forward to connecting with you, no matter where you are, and to see how God uses you for His kingdom!

Abundant Life

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