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We believe living on mission means living sent–sending disciples out to make disciples of all nations. 

“So Jesus said to them again, Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.”—John 20:21




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Living on Mission. Living Sent.

Jesus intended the Church to be a multiplying movement, to live on mission by living sent.
To do that, we send out those who have a heart to reach the nations.

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Since 2000, God has used Abundant Life to support more than 125 missionaries who have spread the gospel all around the world.

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Multiplying Churches

In 2015, God laid it on our hearts to be more intentional about making disciples in the greater Kansas City area. Our model for reaching our city has involved launching campuses to become a multisite church–one church, many locations.

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Launching Churches & Living Sent

For the past 20 years, we’ve been launching churches and living sent, sending out a handful of disciples to plant churches globally.

In 2018, God moved our hearts to become even more intentional about training and sending disciples to reach the nations. Abundant Life is passionate about sending disciples to take the gospel to people groups around the world who have little or no access to it.

We believe God’s plan to make disciples of the nations is to launch multiplying churches which will, in turn, launch multiplying churches.

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Live Sent Goal:

Launch more than 100 multiplying churches by the year 2035!

What Is Live Sent?

Intentionally Reaching the Unreached & Serving the Unserved

Do you have the heart to reach the unreached and serve the underserved in the greater Kansas City area and around the world? The Live Sent Ministry is how we are answering the call to be sent to the nations in our own cities and globally.

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Live Sent & Share the Love of Christ

We cross cultural boundaries and share the love of Christ with unreached and underserved people groups in our cities and around the world.


Discover how God can use your passions, gifts, & abilities to love the nations (Acts 1:8).


Develop your passions, gifts, & abilities to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).


Deploy to reconcile people to God from every tribe, language, & nation. 
(Revelation 7:9)

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The Process to Be Deployed

Are you passionate about being part of launching multiplying churches among the unreached? So are we. We want to intentionally train you to live sent, so we have an intentional process that takes approximately two years to help prepare you for deployment.

Attend a Live Sent Class

Live Sent, a 6-week course offered on Sundays, is an experiential class designed to help train and prepare you to serve and work with multicultural communities. This class is not required for you to serve. However, it does help you see God’s plan to bring every tribe and every nation to Himself by serving our neighboring communities.

Join Abundant Life Leadership Institute

Abundant Life Leadership Institute is a two-year process emphasizing training leaders to be theologically centered, influentially leveraged, and emotionally intelligent. The institute includes Bible and theology classes, practical mentorship, and experiential learning cohorts. The institute is credited through Spurgeon College and Calvary University.

Join a Sent Group

Sent Groups are nine-month training cohorts for individuals hoping to move overseas which focus on engaging in cross-cultural ministry. Sent Groups are designed to equip participants with the knowledge, spiritual disciplines, and mentorship to make disciples in another culture through weekly readings, regular times of prayer and evangelism, retreats, and more. Sent Groups aim to support individuals before they are sent to the nations.

Live Sent!

Abundant Life is committed to supporting those who are Live Sent pastorally, relationally, and financially. We partner with different sending organizations. Because of this commitment, we require each Live Sent individual to follow an intentional process to be sent out holistically prepared.

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You will learn...

What God's Word says about His heart for the nations

What He is doing in the local community

What it looks like to live life on mission

Living Sent in the Community

Live Sent City Teams

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Live Sent Prayer Teams

Live Sent prayer teams enable, encourage, and help sustain through prayer our City and Global partners who are ministering to the nations in our cities and around the world. Luke writes to the churches in Acts that they play a critical role in the lives of sent ones.  By praying for one of our sent partners you play an important part of the Great Commission.

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Fulfill the Great Commission

Sharing the Gospel among the nations is a powerful call. You aren’t alone on this mission to live sent.
At Abundant Life, we want to walk with you and prepare you as you “go and make disciples of all nations.”