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Leadership Institute

Learn to lead well by being theologically centered, emotionally intelligent, and leveraging your influence.

Abundant Life Leadership Institute (ALLI) exists to train and equip leaders to lead well.

By "lead well" we mean leaders who lead from a place of personal wellness (shalom) and leaders who lead with wisdom (skill). Our Leadership Institute is organized through a series of classes. Beginning Fall 2023, we will have a 101, 201, and 301 track. The 101 and 201 tracks are to be taken simultaneously. ALLI 301 may be taken simultaneously or following the 101 and 201 tracks.

Applications for ALLI Fall 2023 will be available online beginning March 2023.

ALLI 101

Our learning model emphasizes emotional wellness, that is experiential learning and processing. In addition, we focus on practical training to leverage one's influence, leading oneself, building healthy teams, strategic planning, and systems development. ALLI 101 meets for nine months on the 2nd Friday of each month, September through May.

*Pre-requisites for 101 are LiveSent Class (previous/current enrollment), Membership, currently serving and ready to lead, and current enrollment in either 201a, 201b, 201c.

The cost for ALLI 101 is $180 per semester and includes nine dinners, snacks, and beverages. Students are required to purchase books.

ALLI 201

Our learning model provides experience-rich opportunities to lead in the greater Kansas City community and around the world by emphasizing God's heart for the "least of these" and "least-reached people groups." Students enroll in ONE of the following: Global (201a), Local/Peace (201b), or Campus (201c).

ALLI 201 courses last for the duration of 12 months.

Global (201a)
Engage as a leader to serve the nations around the world, including various unreached people groups here in the Kansas City area.

Local/Peace (201b)
Engage as a leader with an Abundant Life partner organization to serve underserved youth in Kansas City, refugees, or immigrants.

Campus (201c)
Engage as a leader with one of Abundant Life's ministries to help reach the lost and promote spiritual development to attendees.

*Pre-requisites for 201 classes: Current enrollment in ALLI 101 class.

Cost for ALLI 201: Free

ALLI 301

Our learning model emphasizes a Biblical Theology approach, which includes an overview of all 66 books of the Bible. ALLI partners with Spurgeon College and Calvary University of Kansas City, Missouri. The curriculum consists of reading, written assignments, and tests.

Teaching Faculty/Facilitators:

Phil Hopper
Lead Pastor

Dr. Jeff Cox
Wellness Pastor

Pastor Stephen Ray
MA Theology

Pastor Steve Brown
Community Outreach Pastor

Larry Lanning

 *Pre-requisites for ALLI 301: Completion or current enrollment of ALLI 101 and 201.

Cost for ALLI 301: Textbook(s)

ALLI 301 courses last for the duration of two years, and meet Thursdays 6-9 pm, eight weeks per semester, September-October and January-February.