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Leadership Institute

Learn to lead well by being theologically centered, emotionally intelligent, and leveraging your influence.

Abundant Life Leadership Institute (ALLI) exists to train and equip leaders to lead well. By "lead well" we mean leaders who lead from a place of personal wellness (shalom) and leaders who lead with wisdom (skill).

We believe this is accomplished when leaders are Theologically Centered, Emotionally Intelligent, and Influentially Leveraged. Our students serve in churches, nonprofits, para-churches, and businesses across the United States and around the world.

Our learning model emphasizes a Biblical Theology approach (overview of all 66 books of the Bible), an emphasis on emotional wellness (experiential learning and processing), and practical training in regard to leveraging one's influence (leading oneself, building healthy teams, strategic planning, systems development).

Our learning model also provides opportunities to lead in greater Kansas City community and around the world by emphasizing God's heart for the "least of these" and "least-reached people groups."

Our institute is a two-year program that meets a total of 18 weekends (one weekend a month). The cost per year is $500 + books.

ALLI partners with Spurgeon College and Calvary University of Kansas City, Missouri. The curriculum includes reading, written assignments, tests, and team projects.

Teaching Faculty/Facilitators:

Phil Hopper
Lead Pastor

Dr. Jeff Cox
Wellness Pastor

Krystal Dunahee
ALLI Coordinator

Steve Brown
Blue Springs Campus Pastor

Pastor Stephen Ray
MA Theology

Jeremy Brownlee
Family Pastor

Mark McGaughey
Spiritual Formation Pastor

Dr. Valerie Piercey
Organizational Leadership EdD

Other leaders serve as guest lecturers and facilitators throughout the program.