Elementary, October 11: Elisha and Naaman

Hi Journey Kids parents!

Do you know what is awesome about the Christian life? God promises that when we put our faith in Him, He’ll wash us clean of our sin. It’s absolutely amazing! We get a glimpse of just how incredible that promise is in the story of a prophet named Elisha and his encounter with a man named Naaman.

When it’s time to begin, start your morning of family worship by watching the short lesson video with your kids. [You can access the videos here.] It’s a great way to engage spiritually with your family. After the lesson, a worship song will play so you can sing along with your kids!

Here is a snapshot of the lesson details for this week:

Bible Story: Elisha and Naaman

Big Idea: God’s grace is a free gift, so we can go to Him to have our sins washed clean.

Memory Verse: “God’s grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift.” Ephesians 2:8 (NIrV)

After the video lesson and music, you can use the attached materials to help take your family deeper into the lesson:

God still washes us clean of sin. We don’t have to be burdened by guilt and shame. We can come to our God, confess our sin, and find total forgiveness in Him. Let’s, pardon the pun, come clean before Him. He really does long to wash away all the sin and rebellion that stains us.