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Hi Journey Kids parents!

Question: what does a spark and your tongue have in common? Answer: they are both small, but they have the power to cause incredible damage. During this week’s family worship lesson, we’ll once again be gaining wisdom from the Book of James. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the importance of “taming the tongue.”

When it’s time to begin, start your morning of family worship by watching the short lesson video with your kids. (You can access the YouTube playlist here.) It’s a great way to engage spiritually with your family. And don’t forget to participate in the worship videos from Yancy afterwards—one song is for older kids and one is for younger kids.

Here is a snapshot of the lesson details for this week:

Bible Story: Taming the Tongue (James 3:1-11)

Big Idea: God calls us to be careful with our words.

Memory Verse: “The tongue is a small part of a person’s body. But it talks big. Think about how a small spark can set a big forest on fire.” James 3:5 (NIrV)

After the video lesson and music, you can use the attached materials to help take your family deeper into the lesson:

As dangerous as words can be, they can also be the source of such incredible life. It’s my hope and prayer that you are able to speak life-giving words into your family and community this coming week.

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