Elementary, August 1: In the Beginning

Hi Journey Kids parents!

The opening chapters of Genesis are some of the most beautiful in the entire Bible. God speaks everything into existence out of nothing. But the crown of His creation is humanity – men and women created in His image to represent and reflect Him to all the world. We are formed and fashioned with dignity and worth. But, most importantly, we’re created for relationship. First and foremost, we’re created for relationship with our Creator. Isn’t that amazing?

When it’s time to begin, start your morning of family worship by watching the short lesson video with your kids. [You can access the videos here.] It’s a great way to engage spiritually with your family.

Here is a snapshot of the lesson details for this week:

Bible Story: In the Beginning

Big Idea: God created us in a special way and wants to have a special relationship with us.

Memory Verse: “How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that. What you have done is wonderful. I know that very well. Psalm 139:14 (NIrV)

After the video lesson and music, you can use the attached materials to help take your family deeper into the lesson:

You are made in the image of God. You have value and dignity and worth. If you don’t know that – or you don’t feel that – I hope you’ll take time to internalize this biblical truth. God is CRAZY about you and He wants a relationship with you.