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Creative Request Help Guide

New vs. Update
Updates are minor text edits to an existing communications piece, such as changing times and dates of an event while keeping the same layout and look. Anything more is considered new.

Target Audience

Targeting is a marketing strategy that breaks larger markets into smaller segments to concentrate on influencing a specific group within that audience. For marketing campaigns of any size, it is recommended to have a primary target audience. For larger campaigns, it is suggested you identify a secondary target.

Age, gender, education, marital status, race, culture, religion.

Values, goals, beliefs, interests, personality, lifestyle.

Professional roles, spending habits, sources of influence.

Neighborhood, area code, city, region, country.

Back-to-School Fair
Young married, or single, mothers with elementary-age kids in areas surrounding our campus locations who need help purchasing school supplies.

Video Projects

The opening video to a sermon series that previews or summarizes the series theme.

Event Recap Video
A celebration video that captures the essence of the event, the sights, the sounds, and the energy.

Host Segment
Announcement videos that play before and after service.

Photo/Video Coverage
Capturing still photos and/or video.

Podcast Audio
Mix engineering podcast audio. 

Promo Video
A short video that introduces or educates the viewer about a particular event, ministry, or church-wide initiative.

A testimonial style video, that demonstrates the transformational power of Jesus.

Video Encoding
The process of preparing the video for final output.

Web Projects

Content Development
Creating content for the website (copywriting).

Add, or update, content on an existing web page design.

Website-Landing Page
A page on the website accessed by following a link suggested by other marketing materials.

Website-Page Design
Changing images, creating a new layout, or reorganizing an existing page design.

Design Projects

Banner - Feather Banner
Visual identifier, or promotional signage, for ministries and events, printed off-site, template likely depends on vendor.

Banner - Pull-up Banner
Visual identifier or promotional signage for ministries and events, printed off-site.

Banner - Tent Banner
Customizable vinyl event banners (118"x12") that attach to a tent canopy. 

Multi-page binder small book design.

Folded printed information piece.

Business Card
Actual business card for informational use (3.5"x2") printed off-site or in-house.

Design Concept
New look and feel that delivers the message in a creative way for a sermon series, event or ministry.  

Door Hanger
Promotional or informational piece that hands on a door knob, template likely depends on vendor.

Facebook Cover
Visual identifier or promotional graphic for the top of Facebook pages and groups.

Facebook Event
Visual identifier graphic for the top of Facebook events.

Facebook Photo-frame
Branded graphic for Facebook users to add to their profile picture through Facebook’s native tool.

Half letter size (5.5"x8.5") promotional piece printed on-site, off-site, or delivered via digital format.

Card - Info Card
Informational piece (4.2"x5.5" card stock) delivered 4-up (4 on an 8.5"x11" page) and printed on-site.

Card - Invite Card
Promotional piece (3.5"x6" card stock) printed on-site or off-site.

Lower Third
Screen graphic for displaying names or other information as-needed.

Letter size (8.5"x11") page that demonstrates or communicates an overview of a ministry or event.

Tabloid size (11"x17") promotional piece printed on-site, off-site, or delivered via digital format.

Postcard Mailer
Two-sided direct mail piece (7"x5") that serves as a promo and invite.

Shirt Design
Design and artwork for shirts.

Sign - A-frame
Visual identifier, promotional, informational, or directional signage (24"x36") printed off-site.

Sign - Letter Signage
Letter size (8.5"x11") informational or directional signage, printed on-site.

Sign - Hand-held
Hand-held sign (24"x24") typically used with photo backdrops.

Sign - Table Sign
Typically letter size (8.5"x11") signage displayed on table tops.

Sign - Window Decal
Graphic stickers made of vinyl capable of sticking to metal, wood, plastic, or glass.

Sign - Yard Sign
Visual identifier or promotional signage (24"x18") printed off-site.

Slide - Center Wall Graphic
Branded visual interest/backdrop graphic appearing on the large center screen on the LST platform.

Slide - Promo
Informational and promotional graphic for screens. Typically conveys more info than a Title Slide.

Slide - Right Third
Informational graphic appears on the right third of the screen during MC spot; used at the LST campus and online only.

Slide - Sermon Notes
Sermon slides for Sunday speaker, other sermon speaking engagements.

Slide - Series Graphic
A visual identifier graphic, sometimes called “Title Slide”.

Social - Post
Social media post/feed graphic.

Social - Story
Story size graphic, used as an identifier or promotional piece.

Social - Story Backdrop
Story size graphic with general branding/look and feel that can be used as a backdrop or background for other content.

Subsplash Banner
Visual identifier for messages/series, used in the Church App (Subsplash).

Subsplash Thumbnail
Visual identifier for messages/series, used in the Church App (Subsplash).

Wall Design
Design for display on walls, rooms, hallways, etc.

YouTube Thumbnail
Custom design for YouTube thumbnail image.

YouVersion Banner
Visual identifier for messages, uploaded to YouVersion app for notes during the message.