The Characteristics of a Titus 2 Woman

Women of the Bible who were faithful followers of God were not spectators. They were active, vibrant, and vital in the early church. We have many biblical mentors to learn from, including Abigail, Priscilla, Hannah, Esther, Ruth, Sarah, and others. These women prayed, ministered, hosted, served, and led in various capacities in their families and churches. Christ’s women of today are called to follow their examples through the commands and directions of Titus 2:3-5

 The Titus 2 woman is described as a mentor, example, and model for younger women regarding age, maturity, and spiritual walk. Following this discipleship model, older women can learn how to apply the Gospel to their discipleship and mentoring efforts as they teach younger women how to be godly wives and mothers.

Biblical Mentoring to Become a Titus 2 Woman

Growing up, I did not learn the things of being a Titus 2 woman from my mother, but I did have several mentors. I didn’t know they were mentoring me then. They were women I lived with, and I observed their lives intimately.

My great-aunt was a Titus 2 woman who was reverent in her behavior and not a slanderer. I never heard her yelling, cursing, or gossiping. Her unconditional love for her husband was evident in her respect and trust for him, the way she talked to him, and her actions as a helpmate on their farm. She had no children, but she showed me unconditional affection and care.

Aunt Lou, my mother’s sister, was another Titus 2 woman I lived with, and I watched her as a wife and mother of three sons. She, too, held the title of mentor honestly, as she was “not given to wine and a teacher of good things.” I turned 13 in her home, and I was worse than a typical teenager. She introduced me to clothes shopping, hair salons, and a girl’s group at church. Her emphasis on modesty, style, and the way to act like a young lady had a lasting impression on me.

My sister-in-law, Peggy, had two small boys, a job, and a husband who was a deacon in their church. She took me in as a fifteen-year-old girl along with my brother, who was nine years old. She was kind and patient and taught me how to do chores, help in the kitchen, be disciplined, and respect boundaries. I give her all the credit because her husband (my brother) was very active in the youth activities at church and wasn’t home very much. He took us to church regularly, but she got us dressed and in the car!

My husband’s sister, Carol, was another example of a Titus 2 woman. I never lived with her, but I observed her life while I dated my husband; I learned much about being a wife from her. Her husband was not a believer, had a drinking problem, and preferred cars and friends more than home life. However, her faith was displayed everywhere in her home. Scripture was on the walls, her Bible and study materials sat in her chair, and she showed love and patience to her husband. He overcame the alcohol and was saved simply due to her faith, her prayers, and her respect and submission to him. When he passed away, I saw the support system she had created over the years through her attendance at her church, the Titus 2 women who mentored her, and her trust that her husband was in Jesus’ arms.

Titus 2 Directions for Women

The beautiful, godly Titus 2 women in my life were prepared and willing to answer God’s call, even at the expense and inconvenience to themselves. Every Christian woman should be ready to use the gifts and talents He has given. Acts 2:1-4 tells us God poured out His Spirit on the believers in the upper room and gave them the power to be His witnesses in lifestyle and speech. That includes any woman walking in obedience to the Lord.

Titus 2:3 lists the characteristics of the spiritually mature woman:

  • Reverent in behavior


She has godly conduct, dress, and conversation.

  • Not slanderers


She is not critical, not a gossiper, and not a false accuser.

  • Not prone to drunkenness


She is not overindulgent in anything.

  • Teachers of good


She gives good instruction and models godly behavior.

Titus 2:4-5 gives clear lessons for the older women to teach the younger women:

  • They are to admonish younger women to love their husbands by showing respect and affection.
  • They are to admonish younger women to love their children through spiritual training and discipline.
  • They are to teach the younger women to be discreet, sensible, wise, and self-controlled.
  • They are to teach the younger women to be chaste, virtuous, modest, and sexually pure.
  • They are to teach the younger women to be keepers at home and follow good housekeeping rules and practices.
  • They are to teach the younger women to be kind and good-natured and do good to others.


Titus 2:5b shares the goal of this discipleship method: “…so the Word of God may not be blasphemed.” This should compel older women believers, encourage them, and push them to understand the importance of bringing honor and glory to Him through their example as Titus 2 women.

Titus 2 Women Have a Rearview Mirror

Older believers provide value to the local church through the wisdom they have gained from life experiences. Sharing this wisdom with younger generations through mentorship and discipleship is part of God’s plan for growth in His Kingdom.

A woman’s spiritual maturity has no age, but it reflects progress in her relationship with Jesus, her discipline in studying His Word, and a consistent prayer life. A Titus 2 woman’s experiences in life have equipped her with practical duties in her home and family and developed a “rearview mirror” of God’s work in her life. She can look back and see Him in life’s trials, struggles, and challenges and encourage younger women to seek God in and through all things.

Final Encouragement

“They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing…”Psalm 92:14

Though opportunities and abilities may decline with age, each day that God gives should be purposeful according to His wisdom. Look in your rearview mirror and see God’s hand in your life. See the Titus 2 women He gave you as an example of His love and thank Him for their influence. Who will look back on their lives and thank God for you as a mentor, friend, example, and model of His love for them? Will you step out and be God’s Titus 2 woman? Join us at our Women’s Ministry!