The 7-Year Tribulation | Trouble Is on the Way

Vice holding a wooden block title "Tribulation."

The 7-year tribulation is when Satan will make one final attempt to steal God’s throne before he is forever overthrown. This time is marked by great troubles. In other words, […]

How to Die to Self Daily and What It Means

Cross standing tall in the sunset, a reminder to die to self daily.

Christ came and died on the cross to deliver you from sin’s penalty. However, to be delivered from sin’s power, you must die to self daily.  “I affirm, by the […]

Elementary, January 16: Jesus is Tempted in the Desert

I think it’s easy to imagine that Jesus never struggled with temptation the way we struggle with temptation. He was and is, after all, God! But the Bible tells us that He was tempted in every way we are tempted – but He never succumbed to it.