The Characteristics of a Titus 2 Woman

Two women smiling at each other while sitting in chairs and talking.

Women of the Bible who were faithful followers of God were not spectators. They were active, vibrant, and vital in the early church. We have many biblical mentors to learn […]

What to Pray for Your Pastor

How often do you pray for your pastor? When most Christians consider people to pray for, they think of people struggling through life. Although your pastor might not be struggling, […]

10 Truths About God’s Love for Us

Pages of a Bible folded into a heart shape pointing to the truth about God’s love for us.

The quest for true love dominates popular culture as books, movies, and music are filled with stories about finding love. Yet the version of love portrayed in the media is […]

5 Ways to Put God First on Your Priority List

A notepad with a to-do list resting on a table.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to put God first. Just think about your average day and the situations that demand your attention… Text messages […]

What Does the Bible Say About Depression?

A depressed person sitting on the floor with their head in their hands.

What does the Bible say about depression, and how should Christians deal with it? Depression does not discriminate between believers and nonbelievers. While some people may be more susceptible to it than […]