Abundant Life Parenting Video Series 

Building Families That Last

An 8-Part Parenting Video Series to Equip Parents and Empower Families

Get access to this 8-part video series about parenting! This free resource includes:

- 2 powerful messages from Pastor Phil Hopper to encourage you to develop the child’s heart in the home and engage in the parenting process
- 5 sessions that give you practical tools, tips, and insights into your child. These sessions discuss reducing anxiety, building resilience, cultivating an environment of faith in the home, connecting when correcting, and igniting family connections
- 1 Q&A panel discussion that addresses the tough questions parents just like you have when it comes to marriage, teens, wayward children, kids with disabilities, and more
- Handouts and booklet to help you follow along, take notes, and capture the words God speaks to you as you discover new ways to reach your child’s heart
We want to help you build families that last and rally around you, giving you practical tools to help you become the parent God designed you to be.

A mother and father with their two daughters reading the bible together on the floor.

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Build a Family That Lasts by Cultivating an Environment of Faith

At Abundant Life, we have 10 Mile Markers to help parents and adults cultivate an environment of faith in the home from birth to adulthood. They give parents a clear direction for equipping and discipling their children and family through biblical training and practical resources. We want to help prepare you for each stage of parenting. 

Discover more about the 10 Mile Markers in this video series!

5 Sessions: Tools, Tips, and Insights

Anxiety - Yours, Mine, and Ours

Learn proven tools to help reduce anxiety, worry, and fear. 

Building Resilience in Children

Discover how to raise children that are resilient physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

Permanent Markers

Shepherd your child’s heart by learning how to lead them to faith in Christ and cultivate an environment of faith through family rhythms, prayer, Bible study, strategic questions, and a sabbath. 

Connecting When Correcting

Find personal boundaries in parenting.

Igniting Family Connection & Sibling Relationships with Outdoor Adventures

Discover how to create deep heart connections with intentional family adventures.

If you are a parent and want to create a family culture grounded in biblical truth, take advantage of this FREE video series resource! Start building a family that lasts.