Abundant Life Parenting Video Series

5 Sessions: Tools, Tips, and Insights

Anxiety: Yours, Mine, and Ours

Darrell Robinson shares how to combat anxiety's rising impact on the family and invite peace into your home.


Building Resilience in Children

Dr. Jeff Cox provides helpful ways to guide our kids into healthy mindsets about challenges and obstacles, teaching them to become resilient.

Permanent Markers

Pastor Chad Glover and Chelsea share how to cultivate an environment of faith by asking strategic questions, having regular rest, studying God’s Word, creating traditions, and more.

Connecting When Correcting

Tim Hopper provides ways to find and set personal boundaries in parenting and building connections with your kids at the same time.

Igniting Family Connection & Sibling Relationships with Outdoor Adventures

Matt Bartle and Drew Davis share how to create deep heart connections with intentional family adventures. 

Castles: Abundant Life Parenting Video Series

Video 1: Pastor Phil Hopper – Watch “What Is a Win? A Child’s Heart Is Developed in the Home”

Video 2:
 Pastor Phil Hopper – Watch “Lives Aren’t Changed Through Programs. They Are Changed Through a Process.”

Videos 3-7: Get access to the 5 sessions that provide tools, tips, and insights for parenting. Click here. 

Videos 8 & 9: Abundant Life Ministry Leaders – Watch this two part Q&A Panel Discussion. Abundant Life family ministry leaders answer some of your tough questions. 

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