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The Three Types of People You Should Never Do Life Without

By Tim Holman | July 22, 2020

I can think of three types of “someones” God has given me along the way who proved invaluable. There are other types of people we need as well who fall outside of these categories, but you will never go wrong seeking out the three listed below.

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Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life

By Pastor Phil Hopper | January 29, 2019

God had an important role for Nehemiah, and from the beginning, Nehemiah knew he needed a strategy. He first prayed and put his focus on God. He confessed his own sin and the sin of Israel. He claimed the promises of God and made himself available to fulfill God’s plan. There was a remnant of Jews that came back from captivity with Nehemiah and together they rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem in only 52 days!

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Hungry, Humble, Holy

By Pastor Phil Hopper | January 28, 2019

To the degree you are hungry, humble, and holy, you will live with God’s power and God’s presence. These are the three things I’m always asking God to do in our church and in my own life. Jesus said in John 15:5, “Without Me you can do nothing.” We can‘t make ourselves hungry, humble or holy…that can only come from God.

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