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Kindergarten & Pre-K, December 20: The Shepherds

By Angela Moody | December 22, 2020

Have you ever received the best news ever and you could not wait to tell everyone about it? You would work it into every conversation because you were so excited?

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Do we always know what we’re asking when we pray?

By Jeremy Brownlee | April 15, 2020

We beg God for showers of blessings, but we ask without realizing that black clouds must gather to bring them. Thank God for this ignorance because we might hesitate if we knew how God prepares us to receive what we ask.

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The Viral Gospel

By Bill Gibbs | April 8, 2020

Our eyes can’t see what is blind to our hearts. God is using this to get our attention! What we see as a problem, a pandemic; is God providing an opportunity to open our eyes to His global movement – THE HARVEST. Ask any farmer and you will learn that the harvest can be lost.

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The Subtle Art of Loving Others

By Shawn Struckmeier | April 3, 2020

I do like coffee shops. I enjoy the lingo, the ambiance, the smells, and I most enjoy the conversations. What a great environment to see how love could really impact another life. Such a great place to talk about things that really matter.

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Piano Lesson

By Dr. Jeff Cox | March 27, 2020
hands playing piano

Anxiety recently replaced depression as America’s most common mental health struggle. Dr. Jeff Cox shares some valuable thoughts on ministering to the anxious.

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Waging Warfare Through Prayer

By Pastor Phil Hopper | June 7, 2019

Prayer is essential to winning the war against Satan’s assault on our life. It has been said that prayer prepares you for spiritual battle, but I disagree. The truth is prayer is the battle.

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What is Biblical Counseling? (Part 2)

By Dr. Jeff Cox | May 21, 2019

In my previous Blog, I discussed how sometimes asking a better question can result in a better answer. Rather than ask, “What is Biblical Counseling?” I prefer to ask, “What approach to counseling best reflects the whole counsel of God?”

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