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The Three Types of People You Should Never Do Life Without

By Tim Holman | July 22, 2020

I can think of three types of “someones” God has given me along the way who proved invaluable. There are other types of people we need as well who fall outside of these categories, but you will never go wrong seeking out the three listed below.

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Scattered Seeds

By Luke Crabb | May 15, 2020

If you’ve ever been in a sales job, you know about incentive trips. Before I started working at Abundant Life and helping to lead Paradigm, our Young Adults ministry, I worked in sales for a few years. I truly enjoyed my time doing what I did especially whenever the company would pay for me to go on a trip if I hit a sales goal.

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When Should My Child Get Baptized?

By Jeremy Brownlee | May 6, 2020

Last Sunday I had a conversation with an amazing mother of a large family and two of her youngest daughters had just attended a recent baptism class I had taught. This mom had been reflecting on one of her daughter’s behaviors and questioning “Is She REALLY ready to be baptized?”

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A Second Chance

By Breanna McGinnis | May 6, 2020

Many may think of this season and feel anger, sadness, and fear. Or maybe you feel hopeful. And you’re not wrong. All those feelings are real and it is okay to express them. But there is one thing that is not okay: we cannot go back to the way things were.

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Equipped for Mission

By Jeremy Brownlee | April 30, 2020

During my devotional this morning, while reading Matthew 10, I read the words of Jesus to the Twelve and traveled back in time to my SWAT moment. I hadn’t thought of it in years, but Matthew 10 reveals an intensity in Jesus that honestly doesn’t make its way into many family ministry messages.

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Do we always know what we’re asking when we pray?

By Tim Holman | April 15, 2020

We beg God for showers of blessings, but we ask without realizing that black clouds must gather to bring them. Thank God for this ignorance because we might hesitate if we knew how God prepares us to receive what we ask.

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The Viral Gospel

By Bill Gibbs | April 8, 2020

Our eyes can’t see what is blind to our hearts. God is using this to get our attention! What we see as a problem, a pandemic; is God providing an opportunity to open our eyes to His global movement – THE HARVEST. Ask any farmer and you will learn that the harvest can be lost.

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