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Elementary, September 27: The Kingdom Divided

Unity is a big deal to God. Division among His people absolutely breaks His heart. Yet, His people have often been divided because our sin drives us to pride, anger and jealousy. Perhaps the clearest example of this in the entire Bible is when the entire nation of Israel divided after the death of Solomon. This week, we’re digging into that story to find out just what went wrong and what God wants us to learn from it.

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Elementary, August 23: The Bronze Snake

This weekend we’re going to hear how God healed His people of deadly snake venom by lifting up a bronze snake. It’s a bizarre story, right? But this bizarre story gives an incredible picture of how God healed us of sin by lifting up His Son.

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Elementary, July 26: Pray for Each Other

It’s amazing how much practical wisdom the Book of James holds. If you haven’t read it before, or even if it’s been awhile, give it a read—it’s only 5 chapters. During this week’s family worship lesson, we’ll be looking at the last chapter of James and learning about the importance of praying for each other.

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