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Kindergarten & Pre-K, May 31: The Lost Coin

This is our last week to focus on God’s love for us. We’ve seen that God created us, God has a plan for us, God loves us no matter what, and God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to be our friend forever. Just in case that hasn’t made it abundantly clear to our kiddos that God thinks they are pretty special, we’re going to focus on just that with the story of the lost coin.

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Kindergarten & Pre-K, May 17: Prodigal Son

This week we focus on how God loves us no matter what. This is a foundational concept that even some adults struggle with. We forget that we do not have to earn His love; He loved us even knowing the hot mess we would be at times; He loves us in spite of us. “Nothing…

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Kindergarten & Pre-K, May 10: Esther – God Has a Plan for You

We started May with how much God loves us because He created us. This week we’ll see that God loves us so much that He has a plan for each of us. Keep working on the memory verse so the kids know NOTHING can separate us from God’s love. When we ask kids, “Who loves you,” we want them to be able to say, “God loves me!”

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