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Waging Warfare Through Prayer

It has been said that prayer prepares you for spiritual battle, but I disagree. The truth is prayer IS the battle.

Counseling, Ministry
What is Biblical Counseling? (Part 2)

The topic of counseling always proves to bring up a lot of different opinions and ideas. When one adds the word Biblical as an adjective, the debate can get rather lively.

Counseling, Ministry
What is Biblical Counseling? (Part 1)

At face value, the phrase “biblical counseling” seems pretty easy to understand. However, whenever we use the word “biblical” as an adjective we usually have to further explain what we mean.

Family, Parenting
Are you Building a Wall or Opening a Gate?

We can learn a lot from the Bible about parenting. Pastor Phil helps us understand key points of parenting that we tend to overlook.

Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life

I’m convinced that every human being wants to know their life is making a difference and they want to leave a legacy.

Hungry, Humble, Holy

Do you know how you to live in the presence of God and with the power of God? To the degree you are hungry, humble, and holy, you will live with God’s power and God’s presence.