Worship with an Eternal Mindset

How often do you stare at God? Let me phrase that another way: How much time do you spend adoring God? When you worship with an eternal mindset, you find […]

Does Having a Church Community Matter?

Throughout Jesus’ earthly journey, we see Him in close community with others.  Clearly, community was important in His ministry and journey. I think we can all agree that Jesus is […]

Understanding True Worship

I am so passionate about what God wants to do in the lives of youth. I believe with a deep passion that God is raising a generation of true worshippers. […]

The Benefits of Attending Church Online

A man attending church online with a bible open following along.

Some have asked, “Does attending church online count?” Your church attendance isn’t about “counting” for something. Romans 4:3 says, “For what does the Scripture say? ‘Abraham believed God, and it […]

Understanding Angels and Spiritual Warfare

If you’ve ever studied the book of Daniel, chapter 10 may have you asking, “How do angels and spiritual warfare fit together?” In chapter 10, Daniel had a vision that […]