Elementary, August 29: God Chooses Abraham

God called Abraham to leave everything he knew and follow Him. God promised to give Abraham a son – but Abraham had to wait twenty-five years for God to keep His promise. Waiting on God can be really hard, but God always keeps His promises.

Elementary, August 22: Noah and the Flood

Hi Journey Kids parents! The world was in shambles. Everyone had turned against God. All that is except for one man. Noah. God determined to redeem the world through Noah […]

Elementary, August 15: Cain and Abel

God wants the best we have to offer. When we come to Him with a posture any less we open ourselves up to sin. And sin wants to take us. It wants to consume us. That’s what we’re talking about this week.

Elementary, August 8: The Fall

When God created the world, He declared it to be “very good.” But we chose to rebel against Him. Praise God that He didn’t give up on us!

Kindergarten & Pre-K, August 1: God Made Me

Have you ever allowed yourself to just sit and be in awe of God’s power? I’m in awe of all His creation and the beauty you can see if we all would just slow down enough to look.

Elementary, August 1: In the Beginning

The opening chapters of Genesis are some of the most beautiful in the entire Bible. God speaks everything into existence out of nothing. But the crown of His creation is humanity – men and women created in His image to represent and reflect Him to all the world.