Kindergarten & Pre-K, March 28: Palm Sunday

What is the last thing you helped celebrate? A new baby, a wedding, a promotion, or even a birthday? Celebrations are a time when we can come together over joyful events.

Elementary, March 28: Dare to Live Differently for Jesus

We are so glad that you are joining us this week and are excited about lives being changed by Jesus through the investment of time spent reviewing this content with your family. We appreciate the impact you are making when you share this content! This week Pastor Jeremy shares how we can dare to live differently for Jesus.

Kindergarten & Pre-K, March 21: Love One Another

This month we have been looking at how we can love like Jesus. John 13:34-35 pulls everything we have looked at into a simple yet great command, to love others as Jesus loved us so they can know Jesus.

Elementary, March 21: Keep a New Score Card

Jesus and his friends were walking along, and Jesus told his friends He was going to get arrested and killed, but that He would then rise from the dead. That’s a pretty serious statement! The disciples then started to get into an argument. They were arguing about which one of them was the best…Probably because they wanted to be the boss when Jesus was gone. Say what????

Kindergarten & Pre-K, March 14: Washing Feet

How have you helped someone lately? Or better yet, how have you not helped someone lately? You know, those times you see that someone could use help, but you did not have time, or you were not in the mood?

Elementary, February 28: Come Follow Me

Jesus has us burst into new ways of living is the Big Idea we shared with the kids today. We talked about how the disciples left their boats and followed Jesus immediately. In that moment their lives burst differently, but when we look at the scripture, we can guess that between John the Baptist and Jesus preaching in Galilee the disciples were primed and ready for something new.