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Elementary, February 21: John the Baptist Prepares the Way

Hope is such a weird thing. It’s amazingly powerful, and can drive people to incredible feats and accomplishments, but we seldom notice the hope we have until we really need it. The people of Israel once had to wait 400 years to hear from God, a lot of them had HOPE He was going to do something awesome, but we can have even more HOPE because HE did what He said He was going to do.

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Kindergarten & Pre-K, February 14: Mary and Martha

When we think about all the things we must get done, what are some things that always get pushed to the bottom? You know, those things that are important, but we take for granted that we can do them any time, so they always seem to get bumped. But then a week goes by and nothing. Then a month… a year.

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Elementary, February 14: Blind Bartimaeus

As Jesus was preparing to leave Jericho, a man named Bartimaeus called out to him. Bartimaeus was blind, but he knew who Jesus was because he yelled “Son of David, have mercy on me!” When Jesus asked the blind man what he wanted, he responded “Rabbi, I want to be able to see.” Jesus told the man that his faith had healed him, and he was suddenly able to see! How awesome is that?

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Kindergarten & Pre-K, February 7: Jesus and the Children

As we kick off a new month, we want everyone to know that Jesus loves them. Jesus does not just love a few people; He does not only love people with brown hair; He does not love just the ones that live in a certain area. Jesus loves everyone. Young, old, big, or small – Jesus loves all of us.

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Elementary, February 7: Jesus Calms the Storm

When a storm comes whipping through Galilee the last place you’d want to be is on the sea. But that’s exactly where Jesus’ disciples found themselves one night. The wind was so strong that it tossed their little boat this way and that. The rain pounded so hard that the disciples began to fear for their lives.

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