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Elementary, January 31: Jesus and Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus was not the most popular guy. In fact, he was pretty much hated. He was, after all, a Jewish man who collected taxes for Rome. He was seen as a traitor and admitted to being a thief. He was not the kind of person anyone would expect Jesus to notice. But Jesus did.

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Elementary, January 24: Jesus, Mary, and Martha

Jesus and his disciples often stayed at the home of his friends, Martha and Mary, as they traveled. During one visit, Martha was busy preparing a meal for her guests. Mary, on the other hand, opted to sit at Jesus’ feet, listening as he taught His disciples. Martha began to grumble to Jesus that Mary was slacking off. But Jesus stopped her. He reminded Martha that doing things for Jesus wasn’t the same as being with Him. And Mary had made the right choice

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Elementary, January 17: Jesus and the Blind Man

When you’ve been blind since birth, there’s not a lot of hope of ever being able to see. That is, of course, unless you happen to encounter Jesus. In our story this week, that’s exactly what happened. Jesus miraculously healed a man born blind. Now, you’d think this would turn the Pharisees – who were skeptical of Jesus – into believers! But no such luck. They questioned the man who’d been healed over and over again until he finally said, “I don’t know how He did it! But I know this. I was blind, but now I can see.”

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Elementary, January 10: Jesus and Simon the Pharisee

Jesus was at the home of a Pharisee named Simon. While they were eating dinner, a woman with a not-so-great reputation burst into the room and ran to Jesus. She knelt before Him, kissed his feet, and poured oil on them. Simon couldn’t believe Jesus would allow such a woman to touch Him. But Jesus came to her defense. He told a parable that showed them that her gratitude was in response to all that she’d been forgiven.

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Elementary, January 3: Jesus and Nicodemus

Jesus wasn’t too popular with the Pharisees. Jesus obeyed the law of God, but He refused to follow the rules and regulations the Pharisees had made. But there was one Pharisee who was curious about Jesus. He thought that maybe – just maybe – Jesus was who He claimed to be. So, one night, under the cover of darkness, he snuck out to meet with Jesus.

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