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Equipped for Mission

During my devotional this morning, while reading Matthew 10, I read the words of Jesus to the Twelve and traveled back in time to my SWAT moment. I hadn’t thought of it in years, but Matthew 10 reveals an intensity in Jesus that honestly doesn’t make its way into many family ministry messages.

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The Viral Gospel

Our eyes can’t see what is blind to our hearts. God is using this to get our attention! What we see as a problem, a pandemic; is God providing an opportunity to open our eyes to His global movement – THE HARVEST. Ask any farmer and you will learn that the harvest can be lost.

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The Subtle Art of Loving Others

I do like coffee shops. I enjoy the lingo, the ambiance, the smells, and I most enjoy the conversations. What a great environment to see how love could really impact another life. Such a great place to talk about things that really matter.

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